by ReMC

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WARNING: Through the looking-glass, nothing is as it seems.


released August 29, 2014

Written by ReMC
Produced by Aaron Sampson



all rights reserved


ReMC New York, New York

WARNING: Through the looking-glass, nothing is as it seems.

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Track Name: Intro - Memory Palace
Fine balance
When I open the door
It’s my atlas
I’ll give you a tour

Red, black
The colors of war
les miserables
what you fighting for?

split up my mind
a bed, a drawer
place inside what I find
curve ‘round to the core

color of blood
the price of freedom
desires flood
but no one can see ‘em

Everything I do, I do it for the crown
I do it for the microphone, I do it for the crowd
I’ll always be royal, Lord!
at least in this place where I place
all things tidy, disgrace in a case

it’s a blueprint for movement
it’s a proven illusion
to help with confusion
I use it, a student
I’m fluent in amusement
I’m not a pollutant
I’m trying for improvement,
a solution.

Motivate me, pygmalion
and hate me, Australian.
I’m free and in love,
privacy is so alien.

I’m like frat bros and pirates
on an all-booty diet
which consists of karats
of all shapes and sizes.

But I’m pious.
New classic ain’t classy
In fact
it’s kinda crappy
I’m planning a coup
so move over that fatty

Fatty like jelly
fatty like cheese
so bring the red wine and the music, please
Nobody knows that this is logical, though
I’m an astronomical obstacle, you’re a prodigal hoe
and you’re a comical foe
you’re pathological, snow
you’re inaudible
take a diabolical blow. Oh.

I smell some doubts
my worldview’s in the kitchen
by the sauerkraut
and it’s a sour route
this path that we’re taking
all ‘bout power and clout

And I’m sick
of norms, laws, and pressures
That tell me
that I gotta be precious
that use all these measures
that count my successes
that put me in makeup
and squeeze me in dresses

what they say to me,
it soaks through my skin
1%? no, I only drink skim
but the din, but the din!
oh, deadly sin!
oh, oh, oh it’s all starting to spin.
chagrin, chagrin,
she grin, she grin?
ohh she looks happy
she says I look thin

but that’s unhealthy for her
I fear imminent decay
trapped in suburbia,
trapped in ennui

Got my apple, took a bite, I’m obsessed
but it’s poison, Snow White, I confess.
I’m sucked into a world of illusion of inclusion
an intrusion every day between us and other humans.

my palms dripping sweat
I’m like Neo, now
it’s all a game of chess
track the rabbit down.

You brag about all of the craziest things
money, money, money, you think you’re a queen
twerking. appropriation machine
and the word “ratchet,” changed what it means

and then there’s me
tryna be an MC
female, white, and Jewish
we can probably agree

I’m a guest in this space
and no matter what I do,
there’s gonna be hate
But I remember the days
when I didn’t have to worry
sister, brother, me
flew through years in a hurry, a flurry

everything was perfect, everything was balanced
all we did was worth it, nothing was with malice
memories of summer, memories of august
fireflies, mother, safety, cautious

comfort me
and feed imagination
so welcome to my fairytale
welcome to my creation
Track Name: Run
Must I bend every rule, disobey authority
to create something new, something worth your listening?

Must I shock or astonish, like the Manet painting
that nearly caused a riot, like the Rite of Spring?

Must I be as singularly focused as Bill Cunningham,
as outrageously courageous as those women and their prams?

Must I cut myself off like JD Salinger?
Should I have dropped out of school, like Passenger?

What makes ReMC dramatically different?
And how can I make them see this radical spirit
has so much farther to go, but feels already near it.
So far away from the gold, obsessing about appearance.

All those extra jelly beans, how will I use ‘em?
Will I listen to what you’re telling me, or will I abuse ‘em?
What will ReMC’s Wikipedia say?
Or will there be nothing, just sepia days?

Why is it so hard to follow my heart? It’s
taken me so far, but I haven’t even started
to unlock the potential of my mind. It’s hardened
by all these expectations around me. So pardon.

business casual-ties
so many dreams deferred in these professional ways
vortex of briefcases and ties
but how can I complain? That’s privilege. I…

fear I will fear I will fear I will fear.
but that fear isn’t getting me anywhere nearer.
Any life in the arts is hard, so they say.
Impossible and stressful. Odds against you. Afraid.

What do you thin-slice from a glance at my face?
What are the insights, subconscious take-aways?
Must I follow in the footsteps of all the greatest greats
or can I try something else, my own makeshift ways?

Address me, call me Rebecca.
She used to rhyme all these simple words a Capella.
ReMC is my Tyler, call her a fighter.
subverting the vulnerability that’s human inside her

Am I strong enough to chase my dreams without looking back?
I’m on the subway writing lyrics, 9-5 I can’t tap
into the creativity
that’s burning my stomach
I want to make art, so how come I’m running from it?

Oh Red Queen! Color my life.
Color my music, color my sight!
Color me ReMC, give me might.
looking-glass world, wrong is right.

Red of innovation,
Teach Alice to play the game
and transform her to a queen like you.
Glass, part with the flame.

I am strong, I am a rapper, and I'll tell you I'm proud
I’ll be wrong, I will be backwards, and I will be loud.
I am a woman. Yes, I am woman, yes.
Nothing more, nothing less, bone and blood and flesh.

Run to it, run to it, run...
Track Name: Red Queen
A heroine or a villain?
Am I chillen, or I killin em?
I makin’ a millin’
187 in the buildin’

Got more game in this biz than E A
Red velvet flames when I spit, a heat wave

C’mon Iggy
You washy wishy
They only watch you vids fa ya booty and ya titties
And where that voice from?
Didn’t get it from your mum.
Everybody be like “A white girl with a bum.”

Imana be one of yo favs, bitch
Imana teach you to behave, bitch
Imana whup ya to the pavement
Cuz when you see me lookin at you, you gonna taste it

I go any direction I please,
Forward, back, diagonally.
I am the most powerful piece
Lil pawns can’t catch up to me

Now I'm angry! Time to teach you some RESPECT.

Green witch, Red Queen
No freedom left in my reign
Jesus, insane!
Behemoth of the rap game.

I make green bitch, red queen
I got genius blood in my veins
Jesus, insane!
Behemoth of the rap game.

I’m on color
but not for long!
Imana take over
you fucking pawns.
I’m a baller,
the fucking bomb.
Rack up the dollars,
the whole fucking lawn.

I’m a scholar,
your white collars are dumb.
I’m a monarch,
I’m Genghis Khan!
Imana stall her
Til she’s fucking gone.
New classic?
Fucking yawn.


Imana make it reina
Nimble as a fucking ballerina
Faster than a fucking hyena
better listen to me spit, subpoena.

Yeah I'm self-absorbed,
it's like I'm made out of Bounty.
I'm inherently kind. I hunt rappers for the county.

Green witch, Red Queen
No freedom left in my reign
Jesus, insane!
Behemoth of the rap game.

I make green bitch, red queen
I got genius blood in my veins
Jesus, insane!
Behemoth of the rap game.

I’m a sinner
702, I’m a winner
I’m in the zoo, I’m an animal
Need my fuel, ‘cause I’m Hannibal.

Your majesty, your highness
Out of all the world’s vaginas
We pick yours, the finest
We truly need your guidance.

So much success
I’m the best in chess,
I go next.
I’m so blessed,
I focus.
You’ve noticed.

I rip em apart like a T Rex
I never look back, no regrets
And this shit so good, you reread
Like man I wish I could be red!

I’m the world-wide-web
you’re print-ass media
I’m raw cane sugar
you’re fucking stevia
Stationary on stationery
The red queen effect is real scary.

I’m something new, you’re ordinary.
Purple cow, extraordinary.
Golden, you’re just honorary
Behold my social commentary /

News title
That new style that ReMC’s rockin’,
that new rival
Take over your dreams.
That’s a REM Cycle
Rough period for ya?
Take ten Midol.

Ratchet all the way up to my level.
Don’t let your hands be fuckin idle.
‘Dause that’s the workshop of the devi.l
I move fast, break shit, be careful.

Track Name: Ratchet (Remixed)

I can be ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
In fact it's just math, it's
all my big ass assets.
I'm a fucking catch, it's
just plain fact, it's
not magic, bitch.
It's my fucking habit.

Up and learned how to shake it.
Nah girl, she can't fake it.
Wear a culture like a bracelet.
It's couture, she can't erase it.

Got a Vegas past and an LA crass way about me.
Don't doubt me.
Check out me,
Howdy, ask out, dine out me.
Hear out me.

Got a lot I'd say I'd Command+Z
But fuck regrets, so come and see--
Don't get so chill. I'm a hot commodity.
I'm different, bitch. I'm an oddity. Follow me.
You wannabe, I got autonomy.
This is probably comedy. Yeah, it's fucking comedy.
I flow with velocity. I mean constantly.
Imma be honest. I don't do religiosity.
Hell no, Scientology. Fuck you, theology.
To hell with terminology. I'm a curiosity. You ougtta fuckin' study me.
Angles, geometry. Culture, anthropology. Intelligent, psychology.
Write my biography. I'm a true anomaly. Look at my neurology.
A novelty.
Monstrosity. Hypocrisy.
M-monstrosity. H-Hypocrisy.


I can be ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
In fact it's just math, it's
all my big ass assets.
I'm a fucking catch. It's
just plain fact. It's
not magic, bitch.
It's my fucking habit.

Anyway, just like Ron Burgundy,
fuckin' rich as mahogany.
Master of the ceremonies.
ReMC, I got control, see.
Don't you c-copy me.
This is m-m-my anthem to me.

I'm a rich bitch, I've been collecting tips,
and by that I don't just mean cash, bitch!

True, I study that Great D.
I'm not talking 'bout the Depression, bitch.
Take it as a fucking confession, yeah.
I hope you getting this message.

My scent's up in your senses.
Got my own bubble on the census.
'Cause like the ring, I'm so fucking precious.
But you know you gotta be cautious.

Find a niche, fill it. Feel the beat, kill it.
And don't fuckin' steal it, 'cause I'm gonna grill it. Drill it
into your mind. Got these rhymes in my mind.
These double entendres fillin' the sound of--
Gimme the mike, it
make me excited.
Not gonna fight it.
I invite it.
Make a surprise hit.
Up and bite it.
That's how I write it. Cite it.

Dress me in a cloak of lead.
It's all a joke, that's what I said.
Be overblown to stay ahead.
ReMC, I'm the Queen of Red.

And I stole that from Del Rey.
Just send me to hell, k?
It just worked well, hey.
I hope her fans don't kill me.


The most humble damn person in this damn world.
The best damn version of a humble girl.
A manifestation of perfect creation,
a beautiful occasion to celebrate my place on Earth.
No end to my worth.
And I see perfection in every reflection,
in every damn window that I damn pass by.
And I think well, damn, I'm so damn hot,
so damn dope,
so damn fly.

I smile and shake it, 'cause you know I'll make it.
You better know I'm great.
I'll be a star one day, yeah.
You just gotta wait, oh,
escalator, elevator, plane, train, lane change--
no matter the place, just remember my face,
'cause someday I'll be great.
I'll be great, I'll be great!

Admire me like an admiral
'cause you know it's fuckin' natural.
No dye, tan beds, or Adderall.
It's really not that radical.

I'm rational, I'm magical,
I'm cultural, multilateral.
It's actual, I'm masterful.
Gotcha catch 'em all, I profess it all.

I'm professional, unforgettable.
For the most part, I'm original.
Respectable, sensational.
So special. It's intentional.

And ratchet. So ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
You know, bitch. It's my fucking habit.
Track Name: Boy Booty (Remixed)
ReMC: Doctor, I hope you can help me. I think I have a problem.
Doctor: Tell me, ReMC. What's on your mind?

Every single time I see a boy with a butt
I'm like, damn di-dee damn damn, like what
Got a beauty of a bootay, like yeah, strut.
Baby can I touch it? Like, just once?

That gluteous maximus
Booty is fabulous
Muscular heinie
Posterior baby
I'm going crazy
G-going crazy

That b-b-b-b-b-boy booty.

Listen, this is fair and square
I'm kind of obsessed with your derriere.
Just like Kevin Bacon in Invisible Man
and heaven Jake in Jarhead, I'm a fan.

Look up Cosmo, boy buns of the year
I'm all up on yo tumblr bout da rear
My thoughts is how many squatses you clear
to get perfect melons, that behind gear.

Football team, with their backs to the bleachers
Eyes on the game, my eyes on their features
Woozy, floozy, when they on duty
Line em up, yeah, double bubble booty.

Laffy taffy come in so many flavors
Flash me, daddy, lap it up, no chasers
I don't care if they dumb or if they make messes
Gimme a bum, those A-S-S'es


Badonkadonkees, they fit, they chunky
Can I squeeze her, please sir? Gonna get me lucky.
Culo, cocos, nalgas, tachat, grupas
Yashban, badal, tuches, burbujas

And shake it, shake it, shake it on a pole
Lemme spank it, spank it, spank it to the flo'
and I like it, like it, like it, like whoa.
That cake it, cake it, cake, it's so full.

Lemme lick you baby, like an ice cream cone
From that chasm of a crack to the tip of your nose
Wanna taste it, face it
I'mma hit those bases
All up on you, and you know I ace it

Impeach me, seize me, yeah you know I'm guilty.
'Cause yo' peachy please me, and I'm thinking filthy.
I don't care if they dumb, if they make messes
Gimme a bum, those A-S-S'es


That mean, mean cantaloupe in those jeans
Teach me how to elope with those cheeks
I'm dreaming that I'm married
And my hubby is your fanny

I found you, mister booty
Yeah. I'm a groupie.
Lemme touch the tush, touch the tush, bootylicious man!

Baseball boys, like stretch it, fetchin'
in my opinion,
From one to five, give you a million
Dominant booty, mixolydian

Love it til I'm an octogenarian
Crack just like the prime meridian
Sizzlin', fizzlin'
sprinkle it with cinnamon
Lick it so it's glistenin'
Ah, so rivetin'

Double bubble booty trouble
Hubba bubba booty bubble...


Bootylicious man ;)
Track Name: Classy
I know French. I insist
you put baguettes on your shopping list.
I’m a mensche. I’m the best.
Meet all the boys and I’m like “next.”

In Hawaii on vacation
say goodbye, education
No reply to accusations
Just comply with temptations

Like Moses, I’m in denial
‘scape to this lifestyle.
I’ll be on my isle.
Coughing up affluenza bile.

Crashed daddy’s Maseratti
in an LA safari
it was a dead end street
I'm just living out Taylor’s beats!

I know I’m classy, I do.
Ew. E A U.
All my vowels, so cute.
Ew. E A U.

Pow! Look at me! Onomatopoeia!
Now, servant please. Bring me a sangria.
Rite of spring, yeah I’ll start a riot.
Losing my mind, on a liquid diet!

Yep, all juice. Gotta let loose.
Get that body bikini ready
with just a touch of abuse…

I know I’m classy, I do.
Ew. E A U.
All my vowels, so cute.
Ew. E A U.

Read the news, and I’m like whoa.
I mean, bout shoes. And bout clothes.
I bring the booze, I bring da hoes
Sail da cruise, break the laws!

Here with my bitches, forget the FOMO.
Spend all our riches, we’re like YOLO.
Pregamin’ up in my apartment, though
thinkin’ about all o’ my portmanteaus

All my frenemies
backstabbin’ jealousy
any real friends? Yeah my bffl Emily.
she drinks with me, she cries with me,
she’ll probably even die with me.

Ew, that was morbid. I’ll stop.
She’s like ratchet. I’m like not.
I’ve got assets, like a yacht.
Celebutante, that’s when I thought:

I know I’m classy, I do.
Ew. E A U.
All my vowels, so cute.
Ew. E A U.

I’m sure I’d win the classy Nobel.
I’m trendy, and elegant, mademoiselle
Born in New Orleans, southern belle.

Sophisticated, underrated. True my ego is inflated.
Beauty queen. My routine? Signature vanilla bean.
Fashimite, I don’t bite, I think I am quite polite.
Madame. Always glam. 1% Uncle Sam.

Here’s some fertilizer.
Grow the hell up.
Order appetizers
‘fore sup.

Wear a chapeau with a little plume
Gonna find a beau, gonna catch him soon
Build a chateau, paper moon
Look in the trumeau. Swoon.

I play the flute. They call me cute.
Own six pantsuits. ewwwwwww
Track Name: Bliss (Remastered)

You’re stuck in mediocrity
I’m stuck in my hypocrisy
A poverty of properties
Not hercules not socrates
But it’s a democracy
But we have commodities
So gimme gimme honesty
Gimme gimme policies
A mockery economy
Built on colonies
Property of the lottery
Property of monopoly

But I have my parties
don’t think about atrocities
Just be in monotony
I don’t care, my apologies
And I’m buried in cacophony
but within the c-coffin, me.
But suddenly and audibly
I’m feelin’ hearin’ prosody
Processing frivolity,
impossibly the animosity of lethargy
softens me, sedentary
My apology.


Read the news, I’m astounded
Not quite sure, we’re just roundin’
A hundred or two hundred thousand
What’s one life, or a dozen?

Declare war
objectives messy.
Pride and money,
like Walt and Jesse?
Can’t do nothing, don’t address me.
Block out the wails, won’t hear the banshee.

Early early it’s 2:30
in the mornin’ my lack of sleep
because I just cannot keep
up with the studying I haven’t done yet
is it even worth it, haven’t even started
but I’m so exhausted from it.
so exhausted from it.

I’m obsessed with the A
I mean the list and the grade
Hole up and study for days
Look up up up Tina Fey

And while our world is ablaze
I’m in an Internet daze
A generation in a haze
A decayed decade.

What do you do? Not shit, do you?
Armchair activist, a like or two.
Copy this, don’t know what I miss.
All I know, ignorance is bliss.

Scrutinize, eulogize--
how you want me to revolutionize?
I can use my eyes, I can humanize,
but what you want me to utilize?

So you just call me cynical
For every single sin I call
out. It’s unpredictable
this world, it’s inexplicable.
you know it’s unforgiveable,
but you tell me it’s typical
despicable, not fixable
I can’t perform no miracles

Stuck in mediocrity
Stuck in my hypocrisy
Keep spewing the right facts-a
Keep sight on the right track-a
Gotta, gotta adapt-a
Keep on moving faster,
Don’t let no one be your master
No one be your master

Keep on keeping your face
You gotta run to stay in place
You do abide by the Red Queen
You think she know what she mean
But Alice, a fallacy?
No malice, but you fail to see
It’s all from biology
It’s still possible to break free


But a word is just the surface
Find my way in this circus.
Dystopic, Anthony Burgess
And I’m nervous, nervous, nervous.

And I’m guilty
I’m not using my abilities
make clean what is filthy
make good what is cruelty

And I’m writing these verses
Not an argument, not versus
you or me, just observe is
what I ask. What’s your purpose?

Ignorant and distant.
I feel now, the future in the instant.
Is it bliss? Is it?
Track Name: Summer

I’m only in the present
I only see the now
I’m looking toward the future
I can’t be hitting pound

Imagination growing
Or slowing, I’m not sure
Must take time to remember
Unlock my own shut doors

If I could pick a place
Reach into my memories
I'd go back to that house, by the beach, Long Island dreams
Fairytale calm, no pain, just fireflies
Impatiens in my palm, no shame, living life

And there I see I’m safe
A little girl, no worries
Sister and me wore matching dresses
Years gone in a flurry

Flying through the moments because I knew nothing else
‘fore ritual would take me over, ‘fore I couldn't help
But wake e-ver-y night, and pull five times on the door
Before I had to step in every tile on the floor

Before I had the urge to tear at my own skin
Before every single goddamn mirror drew me in
French toast, french roast, strawberry jam
The scent of butter melting in a frying pan

When my mother and my father were so in love with each other
When Pop Pop was around and was cooking every other
Wednesday night. The place fit us like a glove.
Picture perfect family. Picture perfect love.

If only I could go back then and help them keep on loving
If only I could go back then, and tell myself I’m lucky.

To cherish every taste, every smell every sound
To not move in a haste, to take in all that’s around

To take more mental snapshots of this internal paradise
So I could study later the epitomical paradigm
of balance, of happiness, of purity, of peace
was it the agates hanging on paneled walls, the yellow winter fleece?

That earthy smell, walk through the closet
bell on closet door.
Little glass menagerie hidden inside a drawer.

Before I knew who I was, before I was aware
of the questions, oh the questions! Before I even cared.

Secret garden of wonder.
Wonderland of dreams.
Wizards, witches, they were real
and I could be anything,

And I waited for my letter,
collected stones in my pockets.
The pebbles skipped and slowly sank...

Like memories
of August.