Boy Booty

by ReMC

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Written by: ReMC
Produced by: Aaron Sampson


Doctor, I hope you can help me. I think I have a problem.
Tell me, ReMC. What's on your mind?

Every single time I see a boy with a butt
I'm like, damn di-dee damn damn, like what
Got a beauty of a bootay, like yeah, strut.
Baby can I touch it? Like, just once?

That gluteous maximus
Booty is fabulous
Muscular heinie
Posterior baby
I'm going crazy
G-going crazy

That b-b-b-b-b-boy booty.

Listen, this is fair and square
I'm kind of obsessed with your derriere.
Just like Kevin Bacon in Invisible Man
and heaven Jake in Jarhead, I'm a fan.

Look up Cosmo, boy buns of the year
I'm all up on yo tumblr bout da rear
My thoughts is how many squatses you clear
to get perfect melons, that behind gear.

Football team, with their backs to the bleachers
Eyes on the game, my eyes on their features
Woozy, floozy, when they on duty
Line em up, yeah, double bubble booty.

Laffy taffy come in so many flavors
Flash me, daddy, lap it up, no chasers
I don't care if they dumb or if they make messes
Gimme a bum, those A-S-S'es


Badonkadonkees, they fit, they chunky
Can I squeeze her, please sir? Gonna get me lucky.
Culo, cocos, nalgas, tachat, grupas
Yashban, badal, tuches, burbujas

And shake it, shake it, shake it on a pole
Lemme spank it, spank it, spank it to the flo'
and I like it, like it, like it, like whoa.
That cake it, cake it, cake, it's so full.

Lemme lick you baby, like an ice cream cone
From that chasm of a crack to the tip of your nose
Wanna taste it, face it
I'mma hit those bases
All up on you, and you know I ace it

Impeach me, seize me, yeah you know I'm guilty.
'Cause yo' peachy please me, and I'm thinking filthy.
I don't care if they dumb, if they make messes
Gimme a bum, those A-S-S'es


That mean, mean cantaloupe in those jeans
Teach me how to elope with those cheeks
I'm dreaming that I'm married
And my hubby is your fanny

I found you, mister booty
Yeah. I'm a groupie.
Lemme touch the tush, touch the tush, bootylicious man!

Baseball boys, like stretch it, fetchin'
in my opinion,
From one to five, give you a million
Dominant booty, mixolydian

Love it til I'm an octogenarian
Crack just like the prime meridian
Sizzlin', fizzlin'
sprinkle it with cinnamon
Lick it so it's glistenin'
Ah, so rivetin'

Double bubble booty trouble
Hubba bubba booty bubble...




released April 6, 2014
Written by: ReMC
Produced by: Aaron Sampson



all rights reserved


ReMC New York, New York

WARNING: Through the looking-glass, nothing is as it seems.

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