by ReMC

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I can be ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
In fact it's just math, it's
all my big ass assets.
I'm a fucking catch, it's
just plain fact, it's
not magic, bitch.
It's my fucking habit.

Up and learned how to shake it.
Nah girl, she can't fake it.
Wear a culture like a bracelet.
It's couture, she can't erase it.

Got a Vegas past and an LA crass way about me.
Don't doubt me.
Check out me,
Howdy, ask out, dine out me.
Hear out me.

Got a lot I'd say I'd Command+Z
But fuck regrets, so come and see--
Don't get so chill. I'm a hot commodity.
I'm different, bitch. I'm an oddity. Follow me.
You wannabe, I got autonomy.
This is probably comedy. Yeah, it's fucking comedy.
I flow with velocity. I mean constantly.
Imma be honest. I don't do religiosity.
Hell no, Scientology. Fuck you, theology.
To hell with terminology. I'm a curiosity. You ougtta fuckin' study me.
Angles, geometry. Culture, anthropology. Intelligent, psychology.
Write my biography. I'm a true anomaly. Look at my neurology.
A novelty.
Monstrosity. Hypocrisy.
M-monstrosity. H-Hypocrisy.


I can be ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
In fact it's just math, it's
all my big ass assets.
I'm a fucking catch. It's
just plain fact. It's
not magic, bitch.
It's my fucking habit.

Anyway, just like Ron Burgundy,
fuckin' rich as mahogany.
Master of the ceremonies.
ReMC, I got control, see.
Don't you c-copy me.
This is m-m-my anthem to me.

I'm a rich bitch, I've been collecting tips,
and by that I don't just mean cash, bitch!

True, I study that Great D.
I'm not talking 'bout the Depression, bitch.
Take it as a fucking confession, yeah.
I hope you getting this message.

My scent's up in your senses.
Got my own bubble on the census.
'Cause like the ring, I'm so fucking precious.
But you know you gotta be cautious.

Find a niche, fill it. Feel the beat, kill it.
And don't fuckin' steal it, 'cause I'm gonna grill it. Drill it
into your mind. Got these rhymes in my mind.
These double entendres fillin' the sound of--
Gimme the mike, it
make me excited.
Not gonna fight it.
I invite it.
Make a surprise hit.
Up and bite it.
That's how I write it. Cite it.

Dress me in a cloak of lead.
It's all a joke, that's what I said.
Be overblown to stay ahead.
ReMC, I'm the Queen of Red.

And I stole that from Del Rey.
Just send me to hell, k?
It just worked well, hey.
I hope her fans don't kill me.


The most humble damn person in this damn world.
The best damn version of a humble girl.
A manifestation of perfect creation,
a beautiful occasion to celebrate my place on Earth.
No end to my worth.
And I see perfection in every reflection,
in every damn window that I damn pass by.
And I think well, damn, I'm so damn hot,
so damn dope,
so damn fly.

I smile and shake it, 'cause you know I'll make it.
You better know I'm great.
I'll be a star one day, yeah.
You just gotta wait, oh,
escalator, elevator, plane, train, lane change--
no matter the place, just remember my face,
'cause someday I'll be great.
I'll be great, I'll be great!

Admire me like an admiral
'cause you know it's fuckin' natural.
No dye, tan beds, or Adderall.
It's really not that radical.

I'm rational, I'm magical,
I'm cultural, multilateral.
It's actual, I'm masterful.
Gotcha catch 'em all, I profess it all.

I'm professional, unforgettable.
For the most part, I'm original.
Respectable, sensational.
So special. It's intentional.

And ratchet. So ratchet.
Take that booty and smack it.
You know, bitch. It's my fucking habit.


released March 27, 2014
Lyrics: ReMC
Production: Aaron Sampson



all rights reserved


ReMC New York, New York

WARNING: Through the looking-glass, nothing is as it seems.

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